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MGF President Opening Remarks
  • Dave Westin
    Dave Westin President Mobile Growth Fellowship
  • Benjamin Webley Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations Zynga
For years, app installs were the primary success metric for developers. Today, savvy developers are optimizing around engagement and focusing on how to drive habitual usage. In addition, there are new ways to engage with customers from virtual assistants to new devices that are outside the traditional view of mobile apps.

How will these changes transform the mobile app economy? What should developers do today to prepare for a world where users don’t even have to install their app? Larissa Fontaine, Director of Apps at Google Play will give you Google's view of the mobile app economy and what you can do today to start taking advantage.

  • Larissa Fontaine Director, Global Head of Apps Business Development for Google Play Google
PANEL: Top User Acquisition Strategies
User Acquisition strategies is constantly changing. What worked great two years ago could be a disappointment in 2017. Our panel of UA experts discuss new and proven techniques for acquiring customers, while maximizing ROI. Want to spend your money more efficiently? This panel is for you!

  • Vivian Chang
    Vivian Chang Director, Digital Marketing RetailMeNot
  • Leo Giel CRO YouAppi
  • Kate Palmer User Acquisition Manager Lucktastic
  • James Peng Head of Mobile Acquisition Match Group
  • Jorge Prado Founder & CEO The Fast Mind
PRESENTATION: How to Leverage Mobile Growth Through Bots
Bots are all the rage. With more than 4,000 skills on Amazon Alexa and 20,000 bots on Facebook Messenger, bots are promising to be the new frontier. What are bots? How do they work? And more importantly, how can mobile app developers and publishers leverage bots for growth?

  • Adelyn Zhou - TOPBOTS
    Adelyn Zhou Founder & CMO TOPBOTS
PRESENTATION: Interactive Ads: Busting Myths & Misconceptions
Interactive (“playable”) creatives have gained large adoption in 2016 amongst app publishers simply because interactivity provides a more engaging user experience than classic, static ads. But do these creatives always convert well, and should interactive ads be used to market non-gaming apps? In this session, we'll bust popular myths about this ad format and examine Liftoff’s data on how users actively engage with interactive creative on mobile.

  • Phil Crosby Chief Product Officer Liftoff
PANEL: Data & Analytics: Fully Utilize Your Data to Drive Growth
Product Managers play a key role in the growth of their products. We ask some top PM's to share how they approach growth, what metrics they focus on and how to turn around a struggling product through Data Science growth strategies.

  • Eugene Mandel Data Science Lead Directly
  • Andreas Gross Product Lead Reddit
  • Ali Jamal Director of Product - Strategy, Insights, and Growth RockYou
  • Matan Tessler Director of Product Management AppsFlyer
Food & Beverages will be provided in the foyer.

Lunch Sponsored by BAIDU.

PRESENTATION: Rapid Response to Mobile Fraud
Mobile attribution is evolving – from tracking installs and preventing fraud to a holistic approach of measuring your users’ life cycles. In this impulse session, we’ll share perspectives from AppsFlyer and our top clients on challenges and opportunities mobile marketers will face in 2017, and how advanced attribution can enhance UA strategies right now.
  • Sunil Bhagwan VP Sales, North America AppsFlyer
PANEL: Machines Take Over The World!
There is a new trend in utilizing AI and bots to drive better customization, personalization and efficiencies for companies and customers. This panel discusses the current and future state of AI and how it can be leveraged for growth.

  • Adelyn Zhou - TOPBOTS
    Adelyn Zhou Founder & CMO TOPBOTS
  • Emre Ertan Head of Growth Slice /
  • Christian Gladwell
    Christian Gladwell President - Client Services MZ
  • Aurelie Guerrieri Founder & President Akila One
  • Ewa Stochlinska Senior Business Development Manager TravelPirates
PRESENTATION: Redefining Mobile Relationships to Increase Engagement & Retention
Hinge changed the mobile dating game when they reimagined their business strategy by putting the emphasis on building relationships rather than casual dating. Discover how they take the same approach when engaging their app users with hyper-personalized communication to significantly increase meaningful engagement and retention.

  • Sam Levy VP of Growth Hinge
  • Momchil Kyurkchiev CEO & Co-Founder Leanplum
PANEL: Re-Engage Your Lapsing Users
Let’s face it, it’s increasingly difficult to retain consumers and keep them Engaged with your product. There are thousands of shiny new apps appearing in the App Stores every week, and they're all fighting for the attention of YOUR Users! Learn some of the latest techniques and tips to help keep your consumers around for longer and increase your LTV!

  • Irina Yakupov Business Development Adxperience
  • Eliza DeMarseilles
    Eliza DeMarseilles Mobile Marketing Engagement and Retention Lead Staples
  • Deniz Gezgin
    Deniz Gezgin Director of Digital Marketing Topps
  • Rainer Leeb Senior Director, Growth SoundHound
  • Kathryn Wong - Walmart
    Kathryn Wong Senior Manager, Marketing Walmart
PRESENTATION: Building A Successful Growth Plan: Best Practices for Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention
After looking at over two years of data, spanning more than 30,000 campaigns and 10 billion marketing messages sent, we've come up with 5 Best Practices to building a better Growth Strategy. From early Engagement, through to refined Targeting and Segmentation, this talk is what you need to optimize your Growth Strategy.

  • Myles Kleeger
    Myles Kleeger President & CRO Appboy
PANEL: Holistic/Life-Cycle Marketing
Omni-channel marketing has been around for years, but as technologies and marketing techniques change, tying every marketing channel becomes an ongoing battle. Find out how to integrate your marketing channels to create a holistic flow that delights your users.

  • Myles Kleeger
    Myles Kleeger President & CRO Appboy
  • Abigail Flora Vice President Brands Visual Supply Company (VSCO)
  • Stephane Panyasiri
    Stéphane Panyasiri COO IP Game SA
  • Charles Speyer Big Game Hunter GetSocial
PRESENTATION: Strategies to Maximize Return-on-Advertising-Spending (ROAS) with Engagement
Performance marketing platform, Jampp, and everyone's favorite personalized photo products company, Shutterfly, provide insights on their successful partnership story and share practical, real-life, day-to-day, its-not-always-clear-sailing engagement advice.
  • Raquel Basso Alexander Director Mobile Strategy Shutterfly
  • Rami Richards
    Rami Richards VP, North America Jampp
PRESENTATION: Future of eSports: Mobile Gaming
eSports is expected to reach a global audience of over 1.4 billion. The industry is young, growing and a huge opportunity for brands to reach millennials. We'll be discussing how eSports will change mobile gaming in 2017 and how you can add eSports competition to your app to grow a loyal user base.

  • Spencer Scott CEO Meed Mobile
KEYNOTE: The Art & Science of Mobile Growth
Mobile growth is both a science and an art. A scientific growth process optimizes conversion and makes sure that no gap is overlooked. But at some point, it generates diminishing returns. This is where the art of mobile growth comes in, powered by AI, chatbots and more. Mobile guru, early-stage investor, Facebook entrepreneur and bestselling author of mobilized, SC Moatti shares best practices and case studies for accelerating mobile growth, including techniques that can increase conversion by 18X.

  • SC Moatti Entrepreneur & Investor Products That Count
PRESENTATION: The Hidden Truth Inside Your Data: Leveraging Dynamic Campaign Management to Expose Fraud
Make better advertising and marketing decisions by leveraging analytical toolsets and adjusting campaigns according to the feedback and insight provided by your users. Understand the interaction between digital marketing touchpoints and improve your media mix modeling using features like configurable attribution, or traffic verification to prevent fraud. Come and see what real ROI means in mobile advertising.

  • Charles Manning CEO Kochava
PANEL: How to Win with Facebook UA in 2017
Facebook continued to be one of the best performing and fastest moving UA channels in 2016. If you’re going to succeed in 2017, you’ll want to hear the success stories around Facebook’s newest products, like App Event Optimization. Learn from the top companies in mobile who buy at scale on Facebook – what’s new, what’s working, and what’s next.

  • Jon Gagnon Head of Sales Bidalgo
  • Jeet Niyogi Marketing Director, WSOP Playtika Montreal
  • Filippo De Rose Head of Marketing & Ad Monetization Pixelberry Studios
  • Matt Widdoes Director of Performance Marketing King
MGF Closing Remarks
  • Dave Westin
    Dave Westin President Mobile Growth Fellowship
Open Bar Networking Party!

(Must show ID, and be 21+ to attend any Open Bar Networking Event at MGS17.)

Sponsored by Appboy.

Bring Your Lanyard For Entry!

The Alchemist Bar & Lounge
679 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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This Early Bird Networking Games Session is just that! A fun way to start the day!

We'll start with a quick wake-me-up breathing exercise (to help with your coffee), and then move into breaking out the group into a number of fun Games aimed at taking the stress off Networking and breaking the ice with your fellow attendees. No pitching here! Just fun games to get to know your fellow attendees, see what their needs are, and how you might be able to help each other in the future...all while having a great time to kick off Day 2!

MGF President - Day 2 Opening Remarks
  • Dave Westin
    Dave Westin President Mobile Growth Fellowship
  • Benjamin Webley Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations Zynga
SPECIAL SESSION • Mobile Feud: The Ultimate App Marketer Competition
Experience a one-of-a-kind gameshow battle where mobile marketers compete in a fast-paced trivia game for the ultimate prize: the title of Smartest Mobile Marketer. This special edition of Mobile Feud will pit app marketers against vendors in a 3-on-3 battle! Audience participation is encouraged.

• HOST: Dennis Mink, VP Marketing, Liftoff

TEAM 1: The Vendors
Diana Kim, Director of Growth, TMGA
Jasper Radeke, Director of Marketing, AppsFlyer
Elain Szu, Product Marketing Lead, Twitter

TEAM 2: The App Marketers
James Peng, Head of Mobile Acquisition, Match Group
Nick Quan, Performance Marketing Manager, Twitter
Ilya Shereshevsky, Head of Marketing, Chobolabs

  • Dennis Mink VP Marketing Liftoff
  • James Peng Head of Mobile Acquisition Match Group
  • Nick Quan
    Nick Quan Performance Marketing Manager Twitter
  • Ilya Shereshevsky Head of Marketing Chobolabs
  • Diana Kim Director of Growth The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA)
  • Jasper Radeke
    Jasper Radeke Director of Marketing, North America AppsFlyer
  • Elain Szu
    Elain Szu Product Marketing Lead MoPub/Twitter
PANEL: Maximizing Mobile Moments to Drive Engagement & Conversions
Mobile brand marketing leaders discuss specific engagement & retention techniques used to drive conversions within their app users' "golden windows." Learn how to identify and segment your users to engage and convert in the most critical moments of their mobile journeys.

This panel was sourced and created by Women In Wireless.

  • Kara Dake - Women In Wireless
    Kara Dake Global Panels & Partnerships Women in Wireless
  • Melanie Flores Mobile Marketing Manager Bloomingdale's
  • Cat Lee
    Cat Lee Head of Partner Marketing Pinterest
  • Beth Murphy SVP Marketing iHeartRadio
  • Lisa Sullivan-Cross VP, Brand and Growth Pandora
PRESENTATION: Stop Leaving Money on the Table: Keys to Monetization Success in 2017
If you're not exploring interactive ad formats and properly leveraging data, you're missing out on major opportunities to increase your monetization. This presentation will share best practices and tips on formats and data from market leaders Zynga and Machine Zone, geared to help you maximize app revenue (and spend, for the buyers) this year.

  • Kavitha Gadde Mgr. Strategic Publisher Partnerships MoPub
  • Benjamin Webley Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations Zynga
  • Deepak Gupta CRO MZ
PANEL: Top Monetization Strategies for 2017
Ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases, premium, try-before-you-buy…we have a number of Monetization options available to us. This panel discusses the benefits and challenges of different Monetization models along with when and how to leverage each one.

  • Fabien-Pierre Nicolas Head of US Marketing SmartNews
  • Andrew Gerhart COO AerServ
  • Wilson Kriegel Chief Business Officer PicsArt
  • Josh Lu Sr. Director, Product Management Zynga
  • Lauren Nestor Sr Director, Programmatic Partnerships CBS Interactive
PRESENTATION: In-App Header Bidding: A New Era of Ad Serving
Header bidding is on a roll. But, how do mobile apps take advantage of this technology to drive incremental yield? AerServ talks through the benefits of header bidding, and how the technology will change mobile app advertising for the better.
  • Andrew Gerhart COO AerServ
PRESENTATION: Actionable ASO for 2017
Actionable ASO focuses on going beyond the basics to explore new trends and factors impacting ASO today. Through this presentation, we are able to see how some of the largest players in the developer ecosystem are leveraging this discipline to drive results across the entire funnel (from app page view to download).

  • Ankit Chandra Director, Customer Success Sensor Tower
  • Dan Held
    Dan Held ASO Manager UBER
  • Jeet Niyogi Marketing Director, WSOP Playtika Montreal
NETWORKING LUNCH - Sponsored by Bidalgo
Food & Beverages will be provided in the foyer.

Sponsored by BIDALGO.

PRESENTATION: Mobile Ad Fraud in 2017 – Latest Trends
• What will be the next big thing in fraud?
• What are we doing today to fight back?
• How big is the problem really?

  • Paul H. Müller CTO & Co-Founder adjust
Historically, this has been one of our most entertaining panels, so for the third year running we will put the best Ad Mediation companies on our Hot Seat! Learn about their latest features and offerings in order to maximize your ad revenues.

• MODERATOR: Kiel LeBaron, Director, Ad Operations and Network Management, Zynga

  • Jeff Birnbaum Head of Mobile Apps Partnerships Google
  • Adam Corrado Director, Global Strategic Partnerships Fyber
  • Casie Jordan Director, Professional Services - MoPub MoPub
  • Mickey Maher SVP Revenue Upsight
  • Damon Marshal
    Damon Marshall Vice President, Business Development, Developer Solutions IronSource
PRESENTATION: Data Warehousing Strategies for Effective Facebook Lookalike Campaigns
Facebook Lookalike campaigns are one of the most powerful ways to drive high-quality app installs today. By targeting users who behave like an original target audience, marketers can discover segments that otherwise would remain hidden. But how do marketers know which behaviours to target, or how to build the right segments? In this session, Tenjin’s Christopher Farm breaks down the best ways to build Facebook Lookalike campaigns using data warehousing tools.

  • Christopher Farm Co-Founder and CEO Tenjin
PANEL: Anti-Fraud "Cage Match:" Fraud and the Marketer - Adjust v. Kochava
From simulated installs to click injections, fraud has become a top focus of the mobile advertising space throughout 2016. But what really is fraud, and how does it affect mobile marketers? Who is responsible for letting fraudsters in, and what can be done about it? In this panel, we'll be discussing how fraud can be identified and how it can be prevented before polluting your dataset.

  • Scott Bauer Executive Director of UA GSN
  • Charles Manning CEO Kochava
  • Paul H. Müller CTO & Co-Founder adjust
Join Unity for a snapshot at what’s happening in VR. Learn about the current ecosystem and what the vision is for the leading platform in VR entertainment.

  • Agatha Bochenek Director, VR Advertising & Creative Strategy Unity Technologies
MOBILE VR MICRO-SUMMIT: State of the Market
Where do hardware and the economy meet... VR set-ups can range anywhere from ten dollars to a couple thousand with a different market segment interested in everything in between. Where is the investment now and where is it going? What do the opportunities look like?

  • Julie Shumaker
    Julie Shumaker Vice President, Business Development Unity Technologies
  • David Pucik
    David Pucik Director, Games & Strategy Frank N. Magid Associates
  • Rick Liu CEO & CTO HERZWO
  • Japheth Dillman CEO & Co-Founder CLEVR
MOBILE VR MICRO-SUMMIT: VR Content & Monetization
VR is a dream come true for artists and content creators but the model for recouping the investment is not yet defined. How does an Oscar-nominated VR project get made? And then, how does it make money?

  • Julie Shumaker
    Julie Shumaker Vice President, Business Development Unity Technologies
  • Jonathan Flesher
    Jonathan Flesher Head of Business Development & Partnerships Baobab Studios
  • Nanea Reeves
    Nanea Reeves CEO & Co-Founder TRIPP
  • Monika Ratner
    Monika Ratner Director, Social Media and Invention Horizon Media
MGF Event Closing Remarks
  • Dave Westin
    Dave Westin President Mobile Growth Fellowship
  • Benjamin Webley Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations Zynga
Open Bar in the Robertson Foyer of the Mission Bay Conference Center, from 5pm to 7pm!

Sponsored by LIFTOFF.

(Must show ID, and be 21+ to attend any Open Bar Networking Event at MGS17.)

* agenda is subject to change